We can detect and diagnose all roof, patio or foundation leaks, large or small, commercial or residential.

If you see water entering in your home or office, contact us today! We can mobilize a crew to investigate and repair your leaks! 24/7. If you need an estimate, have a leak that needs to be investigated and repaired, or have any flashing or weather sealing work that needs to be done in a timely and professional manner, please contact Black Roofing & Waterproofing’s Service Department at 303-449-5176.

Our experienced technicians are skilled at detecting difficult leaks and offering:

  • Temporary repairs in inclement weather
  • Identify source of leak (i.e. probing seams, water test, etc.)
  • Maintain most warranties
  • Experience in all roofing types (i.e. EPDM, TPO, PVC, Built-Up, etc.)

Maintenance & Service