Black Roofing & Waterproofing is equipped with skilled technicians willing to help you maintain the integrity of your roof.

Just like you change the oil and rotate the tires for your vehicle, it is recommended to have routine maintenance performed on your roof system to maximize its life.

Preventative Maintenance Includes:

  • Inspect all the exposed roofing.
  • Perform minor repairs such as: repair cuts, holes and tears in roofing membrane.
  • Inspect and repair any minor defects in pipe, pitch pocket or curb flashings.
  • Conduct minor repairs to the cap metal joints.
  • Repair wall flashings as necessary.
  • Remove organic debris from roofs for proper drainage and properly dispose.
  • Investigate and repair reported leaks.
  • Remove debris from drains to allow proper drainage.
  • Inspect external ductwork and repair any holes or open joints.
  • Inspect ductwork flashings where penetrating the curbs and repair them as necessary.
  • Repair photos will be included with invoice.
  • Document any larger issues such as failure of the entire roof system, wind or hail damage, and/or
  • Mechanical damages done to the roof and provide adequate recommendations and pricing.

1011 Walnut Maintenance – Holes Observed

More Holes Observed

Repaired Holes

Repaired Holes

Missing Hip Shingles Observed

Missing Hip Shingles Repaired

Maintenance & Service